4.8 Adobe`s execution restrictions. Customers do not use Adobe Runtimes on non-PC devices or with an on-board version or device of an operating system. To avoid doubts And only as an example, the customer may not use Adobe Runtimes on (a) mobile devices, toolbox, laptop, phone, game console, TV, DVD player, Media Center (except with Windows XP Media Center Edition and its successors), electronic billboard or other digital display, internet appliance or any other Internet-connected device, PDA, medical device, ATM, telematics, gaming device, home automation system, kiosk, remote control or other devices; (b) operator-based mobile, cable, satellite or television systems; or (c) other closed system devices. For more information on Adobe Runtimes` license, see www.adobe.com/go/licensing. 16.3 Educational software product. If it is educational software (software manufactured and distributed only by educational end-users), the client is not allowed to use the software unless the client qualifies in his jurisdiction as a final educational user. Please visit www.adobe.com/go/edu_purchasing to learn more about the authorization. Please visit www.adobe.com/go/store and search the Adobe product purchase link worldwide to find an authorized Adobe Academic reseller. 16.6.3 The customer may transmit a copy of the policy used by the Client for a particular file to an actonic printer or other service office, and such a service office may use the font or fonts for the processing of his file, provided that this service office has a valid license for the use of this specific font software. You don`t need discs to install Adobe Reader – just uninstall it (depending on the operating system, the methods differ) and download a new copy -> get.adobe.com/reader/ – and install it. You should receive the ACU once, then everything should go smoothly, with Reader`s Internet plug-ins being installed simultaneously.

2.7.1 Certified CD Documents and Services. The software can allow you to validate certified documents. A certified document or “CD” is a DIGITALly signed PDF file with (a) a certificate and (b) a “private” encryption key corresponding to the “public” key of the certificate. Validating a CD requires CD services from the CD service provider that issued the certificate. CD Service Provider is an independent third-party provider that is listed in www.adobe.com/security/partners_cds.html. “CD services,” services provided by CD service providers, including (i) certificates issued by this service provider for the use of the software`s CD functionality, (ii) certificate-related services, and (iii) other certificate-related services, including, but not limited, audit services.