how to fixed ipad screen

How to Fix a Cracked iPad Screen?

We know that Apple’s iPads are no cheap products and their maintenance and repairs also involve a heavy cost. Apple gives us one year warranty when we buy a product from them. However, accidental damages like a cracked screen cannot be claimed under this warranty. The only case of a cracked screen under warranty is if there is a hairline crack on your screen and there is no indication of drop impact.

This means we should be ready to burst out of our pockets if we want to get the cracked iPad screen repaired.

Types of iPad Screen Cracks

The repair will depend on the type of crack on the screen. Some common types of cracks are listed below.

1- A Tiny Crack

These types of cracks are not easily noticeable and they do not interfere with the visibility level of your screen. They are best to be left untreated because they do not create any hindrance to your device’s overall functionality.

However, it is advised to keep an eye on the crack and use the device with extra care. Moreover, you can put a glass protector to save the screen from further damage.

2- Expanding Cracks

These are the type of racks that you get after an accidental fall of your iPad. They still do not hinder the functionality or visibility and you can easily use the screen. It is not advisable to replace the screen with expanding cracks because replacement or repair will cost you a huge amount.

In this case, it is advised to leave the cracks as they are and not try to replace or repair them until possible.

3- Cracks From one End to the Other

Now these are the type of cracks that have a deep impact and they will probably hinder the functionality, visibility, and usage of the device. The touchscreen function will also be compromised in case of these cracks. The only solution is to replace the screen as soon as possible.

4- Cracks Like a Web

The worst types of cracks that can happen to the screen of your iPad are known as web cracks. They are given this name because they are like the spider’s web. They continue to spread and expand on your screen. Replacement of the screen is the only solution because it will highly impact the touchscreen function of your device as well.

Repairing Cracked iPad Screen

No matter how much careful we are regarding our electronic devices and gadgets, an accident can happen anytime and we get a cracked iPad screen. In the following section, we will suggest three methods to get your iPad screen repaired.

1DIY (Do It Yourself)

This suggestion is not for everyone! People with prior knowledge and experience in handling electronic devices and gadgets should get themselves into this mess.

The DIY methods involve the use of proper repair tool kits that are available in the market. However, the use of these kits requires knowledge, skills, and prior experience.

2Try a Third Party Repair Company

If you do not have an ongoing warranty for your device then you can try third-party repair companies. Always visit the shops or company that is famous for excellent iPad and Iphone repair services.

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3The Best Solution is to Head Back to Apple

It is a known and proven fact that Apple products are best repaired and tackled by Apple itself only. They fix and repair millions of devices all year round which is why they know every issue and the best possible solution for it.

The manufacturer will know exactly what could be the possible reason behind any issue and they will know the best solution. That is why the strongest recommendation is that you should head toward the Apple service center to get your iPad’s screen repaired or replaced.  

Final Note:

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