how to fix ipad repair issues

Common iPad Repair Issues and How to Fix Them?

We know that Apple has built well repute in the market over the past years. Apple’s iPads are known to be the best but still, they are not free of errors or faults. There are many iPad series launched by Apple till now. Some of the iPad series have the best features. Apple’s iPad is very popular in the world of tablets. They also launched iOS updates for better customer experience and satisfaction.

Common iPad Repair Issues and Their Fixes

In spite of the best services and functional features, iPad users around the world still face many issues that need repair services. Some of the most common issues are listed below along with their fixes.

1.     Frozen or Unresponsive Screen

This is a very common issue where the screen of your iPad becomes frozen or unresponsive. This usually happens due to different apps that run in the background and leave a corrupted memory.

The Fix

Follow the below steps to fix this issue.

  • First turn off your iPad.
  • Then turn on the device and check if the screen starts working. If not then you have to restart using the switch-off buttons.
  •  In the case of new iPads, first press and release the volume down button, then press and release the volume up button, then press and hold the button to restart the device.
  • If this hack does not work, take your iPad to any good iPad Repair Service Center in Norwich.


2.     Wifi is not Working

Another common issue is that when the WiFi of your iPad does not work. Make sure that your device’s Wifi is turned on and connected properly.

The Fix

Try the following steps to solve this problem.

  • First restart your device and see if the matter resolves.
  • Disconnect the network, forget the network, and then connect with the same network again.
  • Make sure that your iPad has the latest iOS update.
  • If the above hacks don’t work then check with your internet service provider (ISP). There is a possibility that it might be some local network issue. There could be an issue regarding a specific router. Your ISP can help you in this matter.

If all the above things don’t work, then try connecting your iPad to a different network. If it still not works, then this is the time to contact the Norwich iPad repair center.

3.     Charging Issues

If the iPad does not charge properly, then try the following fixes.

The Fix

  • First restart the iPad and after turning it on, try charging it with the original cable and adapter in the wall socket.
  • Sometimes the old computers have not had enough power to charge the device properly. Therefore, try to use the wall socket for the proper power supply.
  • Try changing the cable and adapter; sometimes they are the main culprit of charging issues.
  • Buy the new charger and cable from Apple only.

4.     Battery Draining Quickly

This is a very common issue in most Apple devices. Not every time a quick battery draining is related to a bad battery or damaged components. Sometimes, there could be some software-related issues as well.

The Fix

  • Close all the apps and restart your device.
  • Manage battery usage of different apps on your device.
  • Always keep all the apps and the iOS in the updated version.
  • Set your settings to ‘Restore Factory Settings’. This may help resolve the issue.

If the above methods do not help, then there could be some hardware-related issues. In this case, you have to take your device to the service center.

5.     iPad Working Slow

If you have to wait a lot while you are surfing or navigating, this means your device is running slow. Try the following steps to resolve this issue.

The Fix

  • Make it a habit to always close the unused apps and don’t let them run in the background. This slows down the device.
  • Take a look into your iPad’s storage if some files need to be cleared. An iPad needs 2GB free space for smooth running and operating of all the functions.
  • Try the ‘restore factory settings’ option to see if it works.

Final Words

All the above-mentioned iPad repair issues are very common but not very difficult to resolve. However, some of them may create trouble for the user. In that case, you should try and search for the best gadget repair shop.