Protecting the security of your accounts from unauthorized access by biometric IDENTIFIANT is important. Do not allow others to record their fingerprints or other biometric information on your mobile device. If someone else`s biometric information is used to make transactions on your accounts, those transactions are deemed authorized by you. 5. Your obligation to access the designated information system: you agree to access the designated information system at least monthly to verify electronic documents. All bids are considered correct and binding to you unless you provide proof to the contrary to Scotiabank within the time frame set out in your account agreement. If this deadline is not set, you must notify us of an error within 60 days of the disputed entry date. You confirm that you have the technical skills and electronic resources to do so. They recognize that the technical and security requirements for access to the designated information system may vary from time to time. If, for any reason, you cannot access the information system designated to meet your obligations under this section, you must revoke your consent in accordance with the “revocation of consent” (see Section 7 below).

“No one who can contradict such a mandate would accept such a mandate,” Daimsis said. “I wouldn`t agree with anyone to say, “This is my agreement with you. I can change it and tell you how I want to warn you. You can cancel: you can cancel your access to Digital Banking and the applicable provisions of this Agreement by informing us of our information centre or by calling us at 1-800-769-2511. “Personal Audit Questions” refers to the questions and answers you may have to choose and answer to these questions to help us confirm that you are the person accessing the services. The words and terms roughly used in the agreement have the meaning outlined in this part. The word “including” followed by a list means that the items cited are only examples of what we are referring to, but there may be other examples that are not mentioned. “Biometric identification function” refers to the feature RBC can offer, which uses the biometric identification service to allow your fingerprint, face or other biometric identity stored on a device to connect to the app and access your RBC accounts, information and services. “Electronic signature” refers to all electronic information that is unique to you and that you create or accept to show your consent.