3. When a function is performed by Kabaka under this Constitution, that function is performed by him, unless otherwise intended, by a written instrument signed by him, in the presence of a minister who signs the same thing as the witness. The tasks entrusted to the Kabaka government are formally defined in a document that will enter into force at the same time as the agreement amending or completing the 1900 agreement on Uganda, which will be negotiated after the adoption of the recommendations of this conference by Her Majesty`s Government and Great Lukiko. At first, these tasks are those currently listed by the Kabaka government and in paragraph 2 of the Memorandum s on Constitutional Development and Reform in Buganda of March 1953. The local authorities of the Sazas are the responsibility of the Buganda government with the Council and the support of the protectorate government; the situation in municipalities and shopping centres is examined in accordance with Article 47. In the development of the Community, the Buganda government and its officials collaborate with the protectorate`s development department. The list of functions can then be amended by mutual agreement between the protectorate and the Buganda government. Delegates, after hearing the Lukikos, accepted my proposal to enter into force the new provisions through an interim agreement that is expected to enter into force upon its return until Kabaka signs the main agreement in Buganda. This interim agreement will be on the same terms as the main agreement, outside the transitional arrangements, and after approval by Lukiko will be signed by Kabaka staff representatives. Six weeks after the appointment of Buganda ministers and representatives of the Buganda Legislative Council under the new rules, I will allow Kabaka to return to Buganda, where it will sign the main agreement and hold the opening ceremonies as desired or necessary. Kabaka`s constitutional powers are exercised, as far as possible, by the proclamation of written acts signed by Kabaka and signed in the opposite way by a minister. To signify the final decree, the laws promulgated by The Great Lukiko are signed by Kabaka.

The signing of the Buganda agreement led to the creation of a tax system based on the possession of firearms (gun tax) and residential areas (shelter tax). This tax system has earned money for the administration. “buganda agreement,” the Buganda agreements from 1894 to 1955 and all other agreements concluded on Her Majesty`s behalf with Kabaka, the chiefs and people of Buganda or the Kabaka government, but which do not contain buganda laws or permanent injunctions adopted under this Constitution; He added: “I will maintain the peace, order and good government of the Ugandan protectorate and I will entitle all kinds of people, in accordance with the above agreements, the Buganda Constitution, the laws and customs of Buganda and the laws of the Ugandan protectorate, without fear of favour, affection or ill will.” Article 3 of the Buganda Constitution of 1955 states: “Kabaka will succeed as before on the throne of Buganda by the ancestry and choice of the great Lukiiko.