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Playstation 4

We have serviced all models of the Sony Playstation 4 Slim/Pro (PS4) in Norwich for many years, Fixing a full range of issues…One of the most common with this age of machine is the the collection of dust internally causing over heating and failure.

*Tip To prolong the life of your console never have it in an enclosed environment, its also wise never to have the PS4 sitting on a glass shelf.We advise to have your console serviced and cleaned yearly to prolong its life and keep the kids happy.


Playstation 5

With the Sony Playstation 5 being pretty new, its surprising that there are amount of issues that are arising fast! As with the PS4 its advised not to place in an enclosed space.

The PS5 is very susceptible to HDMI port issues as with the previous generation, so be careful when moving the device.

*Tip use flexible cables that do not put stress on the socket fixing, expensive HDMI cables with big end connectors are not advised. Also make sure TV and PS5 are powered off when removed and connecting the cables.

Playstation 3

The Playstation 3 has been around for as long as we can remember, some of the 1st generation units are still around, unfortunately the time on those is limited, Heat or the NEC Token Capacitors will eventually disabled the machine.

We still currently support the PS3 and still undertake RSX/Cell reball and Reflows to fix the dreaded YLOD issue, we can also upgrade the NEC token capacitors to prolong the life of the machine further.

*Tip if your PS3 has never been serviced its wise to bring it instore so we can fully service, to prevent any major problems that might arise

Playstation Controllers

We have serviced all models of the Playstation controllers in norwich for many years, Fixing a full range of issues…One of the most common with this age of machine is the the Micro usb charging Port.

These are not a rebust design and we are now seeing the new USB C ports on the PS5 controllers failing.

*Be careful when plugging in charging cables or  headphones, these are delicate connectors with in the controller.


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